Restaurant Identity: Bite the power


Abby Guido

For this project, the goal was to create a brand identity for a pop-up restaurant at Philadelphia City Hall. The restaurant became Bite The Power, a protest-themed restaurant that would teach people about Philadelphia’s growing hunger problem. Philadelphia has the worst hunger rates for major cities in America, placing it  at City Hall made it the perfect place to protest. The branding takes inspiration from America’s long history of protest culture and iconography, and the city of Philadelphia itself.

I created a group of illustrations that would be present in every aspect of the brand. The idea was to draw them like they were made with stencils for posters or graffiti. Like a lot of protest art, they combine imagery in a tongue-in-cheek manner to show the absurdity of the problems.

The posters above communicate to the patrons about the crisis in Philly. 

These t-shirts would be worn by staff and available for  purchase, using the same format as the mural.

The website takes the viewer through the brand in three simple pages: The menu, what the problem is, and the mission statement. It is all presented in a simple, but exciting and consistent style using all elements of the brand.