Process Magazine


Jennifer Stern

This project’s goal was to design a magazine cover, contents page, and three spreads for the cover article, an interview with Nicholas Blechman. His scribbled and playful illustrations and his bold and bright color palette became the main inspiration for the magazine’s aesthetic.

The “process” logo was made with a very clean, simple, and light type face, and the rest of the magazine’s identity needed to reflect that. The design is very light, with plenty of breathing room and simple text. The colors were chosen to add variety but not enough to be aggressive. 

Blechman also utilizes plenty of blank space in his work, so that also had to be shown in the design. It was important to find the right balance of type, illustrations, and negative space to really emphasize Blechman’s style in the article.

With such whimsical illustrations, having them interact with the space and type made the design more engaging than a plain magazine layout.