The Hobbit Book cover


Keith Greiman

This illustrated cover for The Hobbit was made to emphasize the theme of Bilbo’s bravery by showing just how small he is compared to the dragon Smaug. The composition was made with micron pens and colored in photoshop. To ground the dragon’s eye in reality I referenced crocodile, boa constrictor, and Gila monster eyes. I used a mixture of stippling and cross-hatching to give the different scales texture. The title is pays homage to classic fantasy literature, while the gold O references the all important One Ring that Bilbo finds on his journey. 

1984 Book cover

George Orwell’s literature classic of dystopian fiction 1984 is famous for its predictions and assessments of the world slipping into fascism. One of “Big Brother’s” weapons of control is censorship, which I used as inspiration. To be authentic, I decided to print real passages with the title and author and block out the text with a marker. The front reveals the title from a paragraph that has been deemed “unfit” for the population while the back reveals the Party’s slogan.